Book review 19 - Dream a Little Dream - Kerstin Gier

Pages: 319
Publisher: Henry Holt
Publication date: April 14, 2015
Mysterious doors with lizard-head knobs. Talking stone statues. A crazy girl with a hatchet. Yes, Liv's dreams have been pretty weird lately. Especially the one where she's in a graveyard at night, watching four boys conduct dark magic rituals.

The strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream. They're classmates from her new school in London, the school where she's starting over because her mom has moved them to a new country (again). But what's really scaring Liv is that the dream boys seem to know things about her in real life, things they couldn't possibly know--unless they actually are in her dreams? Luckily, Liv never could resist a good mystery, and all four of those boys are pretty cute....
My thoughts:
This book was unexpectedly good! I am not going to lie, from the blurb, I was picturing a sort of The Raven Boys knock off story and the only similarities is that there are dreams, and 4 boys and a girl. Otherwise, they are nothing alike!

Dream a Little Dream follows a hilarious girl named Olivia who moves to London and meets 4 boys in a dream one night, and these same four boys go to her school. What ensues next is Liv, using her love for solving problems, trying to figure out what the boys are up to, and how she fits in to everything. 

The best part of the book is by far the characters. Liv and her sister Mia are hilarious. They had me laughing out loud several times with their hilarious sarcasm and commentary throughout the book. They remind me a bit of me and my sister and they were refreshing to read. 
The four boys as well I love. At first I had a difficult time deciphering between them. Grayson is the easiest one to remember. He is a sort of mysterious character but he's so protective of Liv. Then there's Jackson who is the party boy and class clown of their group. Not the smartest, but he likes to make everything less serious. Arthur is the mysterious and somewhat more closed off guy, who also happens to be the hottest boy and then there's Henry. The cute and also protective character who's sweet and caring of Liv in a way the other 3 are not (Grayson a bit).

I will say, the romance in the book is cute. It starts a bit typical because you do know she will fall for one of the four boys, but who it is was a bit surprising.  There was a character I expected her to like, even though it would have been a bit weird, but the one she ends up liking is the one I like the most. The romance is well placed and well dealt with. Never too excessive or too little. Really cute and I look forward to seeing if it works out.

Plot wise this book was great! I love the creativity of the story. I love the pacing. Never too fast or too slow. I felt like every scene was necessary and helped further the plot in some way. I also love the ending because it has a bit of an open ending, but if this was a stand alone I wouldn't mind.

I truly adored this book and I hope that book 2 and 3 get translated to English soon because I worry that someone who has read them all in German will spoil them for me!

I definitely recommend this book, and probably the entire trilogy, to everyone who like a bit of a light fantasy read with nothing overly complicated.


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