Series review - The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

  • Eragon
  • Eldest
  • Brisingr
  • Inheritance
Publisher: Knopf 

My Thoughts:

Overall, this was a great series. I am not a huge fan of high fantasy so I put this off many many years, but it was well worth reading. Christopher Paolini created this absolutely amazing world with these 4 books. He left no detail behind. The world of the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Urgals, Werecats and Dragons all were described in vivid details, even including histories, languages and customs of each species. I spent many moments during this book wondering how he came up with this series because of the incredible detail. It was like viewing a movie in my head because I could picture everything so vividly.

His characters were outstanding. Eragon grew so much as a character throughout the series. We watched him start as a young boy into a man. He grew into himself with the help of those around him and I love how he developed. Roran was another character that grew. To go from a farm boy to the commander of an army was a great thing for Roran and his character was great and so well developed considering he was a secondary character. The best thing about this series though is that it is full of powerful women. Nasuada was a great leader to the Varden and I love how it ended with her being queen. I love that Paolini chose to include women into the fighting as well, not just leaving battles for the men. Arya was another character. I will admit, she took some time to warm up to but I love her character dearly. Saphira was my favourite character, and despite hating her in the last 100 or so pages, I really love how she grew into a strong female dragon. I love that she was vain and cared about vanity, and I love how she loved Eragon. 

Despite my love of the series, I still only rated it overall 4 stars because of the last 100 or so pages of the end of the last book. The battle with Galbatorix was quite early in the book in comparison to many other final battles in books and I will admit I thought it was quite anti-climatic. I wanted some intense battle, not for Galbatorix to essentially kill himself. And the things after that is where I lost interest entirely. Dangling Murtagh and Nasauda relationship in our faces and having it not happen was disappointing. Having Arya and Eragon not happen was a greater disappointment. Having Eragon leave everyone behind forever was very disappointing but the greatest disappointment was the lack of any Saphira and Eragon interaction. This 4 book series had so much interaction between them, I really grew to love it dearly. It was my favourite part of the books. But as soon as Saphira meets Arya's dragon, she completely disappears from the book. Eragon and her only speak once and it's to make sure he's doing okay. The thing was, he wasn't doing okay and instead of having the normal cute comforting moments between them 2, Paolini decided to write about how much sex Saphira was having with the green dragon. It was very irritating and it completely tarnishes my views of Saphira and their relationship and really the entire end of the book. However, despite the fact that I gave book four only 2 stars, I did love the series enough to give it a 4 star rating overall.

I do recommend this book to anyone looking to have a simple introduction into high fantasy. It's really a great series, despite my problems with it, and I think it's easy enough for all ages to enjoy. I am glad I decided to read this series eventually, but I am glad I waited for all the books to be released before I did so.


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