This is a little late, I made a YouTube video with all this in there, (click here to watch that) but here is just a list of the books I am HOPING to get read in November.

 Death With Interruptions is my November TBR jar pick. If I do not get it read I have to unhaul it. 
 Wizard of Oz is for class

 Heart of Darkness is for class.

 Wide Sargasso Sea is for class.

 This is my Goodreads book club pick for November. Click here to join us!

 Anne of Green Gables is for class (and I am enjoying it so much so far)
A Grain of Wheat is for class.


Anonymous said...

Are you a literature major? I used to hate to read for my undergrad. I always felt like it ruined the rest of reading for me. Even the Lit classes I took for fun. For my masters I got to take YA lit and Children's lit so that was fun!

thatgirlbookworm said...

I'm actually a History major but since I loved to read I took some English lit classes as electives for my Senior year and let me tell you I regret it! It does ruin reading for me because I'm reading a ton of books I don't really have any interest in and honestly would have never picked up on my own! Anne of Green Gables and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz are actually for my Children's lit class and that's the one class I am genuinely enjoying the reading for but otherwise I am not sure if I am happy with my choice in classes. I wish my school offered YA lit though :(
I actually specialize my studies in the Holocaust and I'm taking a Holocaust Literature course next semester that I am actually really excited for because I have a majority of the books already but otherwise I can definitely relate with it ruining reading for you

Anonymous said...

I was a history major too! (and Jewish Studies minor so I also took a class on the Holocaust) but for my masters program the final of my children's lit class I had to put together a list of Holocaust literature for children. I was thinking of going back to it and possibly putting it on my blog now. I'll try and keep up with what you're reading next semester!

thatgirlbookworm said...

If you do so I'd love to see the list because I just love Holocaust literature! I read this book called Once by Morris Gleitzman It's a trilogy I think and I really enjoyed it.
I always post the books I'm reading on my Goodreads if you want to add me, I make a monthly TBR video on my YouTube channel (my name there is the same as my name on here :))

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