#antibullyreads readathon TBR

Hi everyone! I am officially participating in the #antibullyreads readathon that is happening from November 16th-22nd! I don't have a ton of time to read and a few priority books for school BUT I am going to make an attempt to read at least 3 books!

The first book I will be reading is Trouble by Non Pratt. All I know is this is about a teenage pregnancy and a girl meets a guy who decides to help her out to deal with everything. I'm looking forward to getting to this.
 The second book I plan to read is Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I've owned this book for a while and I don't know what it's about but I want to read it! I have not had good luck with Lauren Oliver so I am hoping I enjoy this.
 The last book I plan to read is Hate List by Jennifer Brown. I've owned this for SO LONG and I've never read it so I think it's about time I get to this and this is the perfect opportunity!

That's all I have planned to read for this readathon! I don't have a ton of unread books about bullying but this is good. If you want to participate click HERE for a link to the original information video, and click HERE for the Goodreads page which is the "headquarters" for the readathon and you can find a list of bully reads if you want to participate and make yourself a TBR! Happy reading to everyone participating!


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