Book Challenge 2015

This year I did a 2015 reading challenge. I didn't complete it entirely, but I did almost all of them. I numbered them 1-52 (going down the left side followed by down the right side). Here is a list of the books, and my reviews for each book (click on the book title to be linked to the review)!

  1. A Book with More than 500 Pages -  Love, Rosie
  2. A Romance - Ugly Love
  3. A Book That Became/Is Becoming A Movie - Dark Places
  4. A Book Published This Year - The Winner's Crime
  5. A Book With A Number In The Title - Ready Player One
  6. A Book Written By Someone Under 30 - Four
  7. A Book With Non-Human Characters - Opal
  8. A Funny Book - Of Poseidon
  9. A Book By A Female Author - The Jewel
  10. A Mystery Or Thriller - Sharp Objects
  11. A Book With A One Word Title - Reboot
  12. A Book Of Short Stories - Trigger Warnings
  13. A Book Set In A Different Country - Sapphire Blue
  14. A Nonfiction Book - America and the Pill
  15. A Popular Author's First Book - Eragon
  16. A Book From Your Favorite Author That You Haven't Read Yet - Between The Lines
  17. A Book Recommended By A Friend - Jellicoe Road
  18. A Pulitzer Prize Winning Book - All The Light We Cannot See
  19. A Book Based On A True Story - John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster
  20. A Book At The Bottom Of Your To Read List - The Longest Ride
  21. A Book Your Mom or Dad Loves - My mom doesn't really read so this wasn't applicable. 
  22. A Book That Scares You - The Shining
  23. A Book Over 100 Years Old - Madame Bovary
  24. A Book Based Entirely On It's Cover - The Winner's Curse
  25. A Book You Were Supposed To Read For School But Didn't - I actually always did my school readings so this isn't really applicable to me
  26. A Memoir - I never got around to Anne Frank's Diary. 
  27. A Book You Can Finish In A Day - This Girl
  28. A Book With Antonyms In The Title - Beautiful Disaster
  29. A Book Set Somewhere You've Always Wanted To Visit - The Graveyard Book
  30. A Book That Came Out The Year You Were Born - The only book I know of really is Voyager and I was not up for reading Voyager this year.
  31. A Book With Bad Reviews - Snuff
  32. A Trilogy: Book One - The Girl of Fire and Thorns
  33. A Trilogy: Book Two - The Crown of Embers
  34. A Trilogy: Book Three - The Bitter Kingdom
  35. A Book From Your Childhood - Eldest
  36. A Book With A Love Triangle - The Sky is Everywhere
  37. A Book Set In The Future - The House of the Scorpion
  38. A Book Set In High School - Don't Look Back
  39. A Book With A Colour In The Title - Emerald Green
  40. A Book That Made/Makes You Cry - Confess
  41. A Book With Magic - The Night Circus
  42. A Graphic Novel - Saga Volume 1
  43. A Book By An Author You've Never Read Before - Fire and Flood
  44. A Book You Own But Have Never Read - This Shattered World
  45. *A Book With A Food In The Title - Bread Givers
  46. A Book That Was Originally Written In Another Language - Ruby Red
  47. A Book Set During Christmas - My True Love Gave To Me: 12 Holiday Stories
  48. A Book By An Author With Your Initials - The Young Elites
  49. A Play - I have never read a play for fun and I could not find any that I thought I would enjoy.
  50. A Banned Book - Lolita
  51. A Book Turned Into or Based on A TV Show- The 100
  52. A Book You Started But Never Finished - Linger
* I could not find a book that took place in my city so I changed it to A Book With a Food in the Title

I'm pretty proud of my progress, despite not completing it! I branched out in my reading this year and some of the reason for that is due to this challenge!


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